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In rural Haiti, wealth is measured in pigs and goats.  For years, as conditions worsened in Haiti, the number of pigs and goats dwindled.  Thanks to the self-sufficient projects run by grassroots groups, pig and goat breeding is again on the rise and contributing to the economic development of rural communities.  


Lambi Fund recognizes that open grazing erodes Haiti’s already delicate environment. As such, all animal husbandry projects teach the importance of closed grazing and forage production and provides the funds to build pens and fences for grazing.


Goat Breeding

Association of Farmers and Breeders of Akil
APEAG: 165 members - 87 men, 78 women

APEAG wants to strengthen goat breeding efforts in their community to increase personal incomes for its members. In partnership with the organization, Lambi Fund is providing the resources to create 20 grazing areas, build 22 enclosed grazing fields, the purchase of 120 females and 12 males, hire two veterinary technicians and stock a veterinary pharmacy. To ensure smooth project operation, Lambi Fund is providing technical assistance and training members in goat breeding, forage production and preservation, and project management. In addition, the tools, seeds and training needed to plant 20,000 seedlings are being offered as well.

Goat Breeding

Women's Organization of Jabwen
OFJ: 156 women

Lambi Fund is working with OFJ to purchase 100 female goats and ten male breeders which will be distributed at ten sites and to build pens and areas for grazing for the animals. This project is helping decrease the destructive effects of open grazing and increasing incomes for its members. Funds to stock a veterinary pharmacy and hire two veterinary agents are being provided in addition to Lambi Fund offering workshops in project management, modern practices in goat breeding, capacity building and reforestation. A nursery will be built and seeds purchased to plant 20,000 seedlings in the area.

Sheep Breeding

Tet Kole - Bedo Peasants Together
TKB: 44 members  24 women, 20 men

Lambi Fund has provided the resources for TKB to purchase 30 female and 14 male sheep to begin breeding and raise incomes for its 44 members (24 female and 20 male), who are also receiving training in environmentally sustainable sheep farming and veterinary care. The Lambi Fund is also helping to build a tree nursery, including seeds and tools for 20,000 seedlings, as well as train members on nursery management.

Goat Breeding

The Peasants Organization of Bige
OPB: 340 members  128 women, 212 men

Members of OPB are modernizing their goat breeding practices to make farming and production more efficient in their community. Lambi Fund is granting them the resources to construct a veterinary pharmacy, 23 pens, purchase 230 female and 23 male goats and hire a veterinary technician. OPB members are receiving training in modern animal husbandry practices, forage production and conservation, and project management. Lambi Fund is also providing the resources to build a tree nursery and purchase the seeds and tools needed to plant 20,000 seedlings, while offering nursery management and reforestation training.

Goat Breeding

Association for the Protection of the Environment of Gwomrn
APEG: 160 members

APEG is partnering with Lambi Fund to initiate a goat breeding project that aims to increase self-reliance within the community, improve living conditions and raise personal incomes. APEG will use resources provided by the Lambi Fund to purchase 132 goats, build enclosures and a veterinary pharmacy, hire a veterinary agent and plant 20,000 tree seedlings. In addition, Lambi Fund is providing training in goat breeding, organizational and leadership capacity building and seedling production.

Goat Breeding

The Heads Together Movement of Bodwa
MOTAB: 185 members - 108 women, 77 men

MOTAB's male members have partnered with Lambi Fund to improve goat breeding practices and farmers incomes in their community. They are purchasing 100 goats and constructing nine pens with enclosures for the animals. The project aims to eliminate open grazing, which increases the rate of deforestation and soil erosion. In addition to funding, Lambi Fund is training 30 farmers on modern goat breeding practices, project management, and reforestation. The tools, seeds and supplies for a nursery to plant 20,000 seedlings have been provided as well.

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