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Privacy Policy

We value your support and are committed to protect your privacy, and we reinforce this belief throughout our organization. Please read below to find out more about our privacy policy, however if you have further questions, please contact us at or (202) 772-2372. The Lambi Fund of Haiti reserves the right at any time and without notice to change this Privacy Policy simply by posting such changes on our website. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting.


Use of cookies: The Lambi website like many other websites deposits certain bits of information called “cookies” in a visitor’s computer. Use of cookies makes web surfing easier by performing certain functions such as saving your passwords, your personal preferences regarding your use of the particular website and to make sure you do not see the same ad repeatedly. This technology does not collect personally identifiable information.


Your browser is probably set to accept cookies. However, if you would prefer not to receive cookies, you can alter the configuration of your browser to refuse cookies. If you choose to have your browser refuse cookies, it is possible that some areas of our site will not function properly when you view them.


We want to be clear that we will never collect personally identifiable information about you when you visit our site unless you choose to provide such information.


Email Information: We do not exchange email information with any outside parties. The Lambi Fund does not collect or store any email addresses that you refer to our website or that you send an email to from our website. However, you may voluntarily submit your email address or other personally identifiable data to take part in an activity on the site, such as to sign up for a newsletter and/or donation.  In this case, we will use your data to send you the requested information. You can unsubscribe from a Lambi’s mailing list powered by SendinBlue at any time by responding to the instructions provided at the bottom of a newsletter or by directly emailing


Telephone Information: We do not exchange telephone information with any outside parties.


Security information & Donor Privacy


Though it is necessary to collect your name and address in order to process contributions, we do not engage in the practice of selling our donor lists or donor information to third parties. The Lambi Fund of Haiti does not share or sell a donor's personal information with anyone else, nor send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations.

If you choose to donate to the Lambi Fund at, you will be asked to submit financial and contact information to allow us to collect payment and to send you a receipt.

PayPal manages your credit card and identity information and its security is verified as follows:


Your credit card and identity information are secure.

Identity: Verified
Organization: PayPal


To ensure that your personal information and transactions are secure, PayPal has end-to-end encryption. They employ a team of security and compliance experts dedicated to implementing and educating customers on industry standards.


If you have any questions about the privacy policy, the practices or the security of this website, please contact


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