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Pennies For Pigs

What is a Pennies for Pigs Drive? It is a school-wide fundraiser where students donate their spare change to purchase pigs (and other animals) for a Haitian family in need. In Haiti, owning a pig is like having a "living bank account." They are easy to care for, provide a valuable source of protein, and a valuable form of income from the sale of the pigs' offspring.


Step By Step


1. Get your school involved.


  • work with your teachers and principal to get other classes involved. Ideally, make it a school-wide contest!


2. Set GOALS.


  • Make individual classroom goals and a larger school-side goal.

  • Students can work to raise enough to purchase a pig, while schools can work together to purchase an ENTIRE Lambi Fund Farm with a pair of pigs, goats, sheep, and more — all going to a deserving Haitian community in need.

  • See the Lambi Fund Gift Catalog for more ideas.


3. Make posters and set up Piggy Banks.


  • Place piggy banks all throughout the school and in classrooms encouraging students to give their spare change to children just like them in Haiti.

  • Get creative! Create pig noses to wear around school to show you are a participant of the pig drive.


4. Download Videos and Photos of the Lambi Fund to Show at your School.


  • Videos

  • Photos


5. Take Pictures


  • Send pictures of your school or class hard at work at your Pennies for Pigs Drive - eMail Sarah.

  • We will post your pictures on our website, spotlighting your efforts.


6. Send donations to Lambi Fund of Haiti.


Make all checks (no cash please) to:


The Lambi Fund of Haiti

PO Box 18955

Washington, DC 20036





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