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Special Events


Share your special day with Lambi Fund by giving a donation in lieu of favors or by requesting donations in lieu of traditional gifts.


Announce your contribution with personalized table tents and invitation cards.


Please contact us if you would like to request that your guests make a donation to Lambi Fund in lieu of traditional gifts. Many couples place donation boxes at their receptions and print out personalized Honor Donation Forms. You may also request that donations be made at the address below or online specifying in the comments section: "This donation is honor of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cook." We will notify each couple of donations made in your honor, but can only do so if we have your mailing address.


Lambi Fund of Haiti
PO Box 18955
Washington, DC 20036

Wedding donations can be made by mailing a check to the address above, via text or online.


You may also create a gift registry online at


Make a birthday wish by requesting friends and family give to Lambi Fund. This year, instead of asking for gifts, you can ask your friends and family to donate to the Lambi Fund. Create a Birthday Wish on Facebook and all of your friends will be notified.





  • Forgo receiving presents you dont need or want and make an impact on a specific cause that you are truly passionate about.


  • You and your friends can monitor your progress on Facebook as donations are made to help reach your Birthday Wish goal.


In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Lambi Fund in memory of your loved one. 


When making final arrangements, create a memorial fund with The Lambi Fund of Haiti and memorial donations will be made in your loved ones honor. Simply contact us and a memorial fund is created at no cost.


  • Your loved one's name will be listed in our newsletter and on this website.


  • We will thank each donor for their donation.


  • We will notify the family of each donation.


To arrange a Memorial Fund with the Lambi Fund, please contact us and give us your mailing address. Instruct your funeral director to request donations be made to us at the address below or online specifying in the comments section- This donation is made in honor of the Samantha Ray Memorial Fund. We will notify the family of donations made in their loved ones memory, but can only do so if we have their mailing address.


Lambi Fund of Haiti
PO Box 18955
Washington, DC 20036


Memorial donations can be made by mailing a check to the address above, via text or online.


If you prefer, you may print this donation form and ask the funeral director to provide copies at the funeral services.


Thank you for considering the Lambi Fund of Haiti for your charitable donations. If you have any questions about setting up a Memorial Fund or an In Honor of Fund, please let us know.


Use that 10k, half marathon, or basketball season youve been training for to raise money for Lambi Fund. 


Create a fundraising page online and raise money for the Lambi Fund. You can do it for pretty much anything you can think of! Marathons, bike rides, anniversaries….




  • Use that 10k youve been training for, or that special event you are planning to raise money for the Lambi Fund

  • Using fundraising has never been so simple! Receive donations from anywhere in the world and track your progress online

Host a House Party

Great for Adults, Business Professionals and Families!

Pennies for Pigs Program

Great for Elementary, Junior High and High School Students!

What is a Pennies for Pigs Drive?  It is a school-wide fundraiser where students donate their spare change to purchase pigs (and other animals) for a Haitian family in need. In Haiti, owning a pig is like having a "living bank account." They are easy to care for, provide a valuable source of protein, and a valuable form of income from the sale of the pigs' offspring.

College Campaigns

Ideas for Students to Get Involved!

Water for Life Campaign

Clean water is a luxury many in the developed world take for granted. In Haiti two-thirds (66%) of people do not have access to clean water.   This lack of clean water prevents many young women and children from attending school and engaging in productive tasks, as they are forced to walk many miles every day to find clean water. Dirty water also contributes to the impact of water-borne diseases and poor health. Haiti currently has the highest child mortality rate in the Western Hemisphere with one out of eight children likely to die before the age of five.


Help change this reality in three easy steps: a group presentation, an experiential activity, and continued group engagement.

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